Towards granting Accreditation and Affiliation:
A new move of INFAC initiated through
Nandanjyoti Accreditation Council


Indian National Forum of Art and Culture (INFAC) is a public charitable trust recognised by the Government of India, Ministry of Finance, Department of Revenue (Income Tax) and is an ISO9001: 2015 certified organisation which has since 2005 been relentlessly working to promote and invigorate art and culture in the country in the fields of performing and visual arts apart from its various activities in academic and social fronts.

The beginning of a new journey

To cater to the growing demands of various vocational, traditional, professional training institutes working in the fields of performing and visual arts and their urge to reach a standard of excellence in the method of training offered to their students, INAC has gracefully initiated a move that can potentially enhance the worth of training and lessons such institutions are offering to its students and the ability to shape their professional career in the subject field. The responsibility in the field has been entrusted on “Nandanjyoti Accreditation Council” formed with the experts in the covered fields.
To reach the height of excellence, the educational entity and institution must fit in the proposed standards which are very essential and follow the syllabus of the Council in letter and spirit.

What to do to get the Accreditation and Affiliation?
Online registration: Online registration, on deposit of registration fee, in prescribed form is mandatory for which assistance of INFAC delegated official is available on necessity.
Submission of documents: The applicant is to submit documents as contained in the application related to the educational entity/institution seeking Accreditation and Affiliation before the grant of Certificate.
Pre-assessment inspection visit: After the successful online evaluation of the provided documents, allocated consultant will duly organise the pre-assessment inspection visit, for which convenience of educational entity/ institution and the concerned consultant will be mutually taken into consideration. Inspection visit charge is to be borne by the applicant which will vary according to distance. If night stay becomes necessary, suitable arrangement thereof has to be made and costs thereof have to be borne by the applicant.
Sample interviews: Sample interviews of teachers and students will be taken during inspection.
Deposit of accreditation and affiliation fee: On the successful visit and favourable recommendation report and on deposit of accreditation and affiliation fee, an entity will be provided with the accreditation-cum-affiliation certificate of the Council on terms and conditions as mentioned in the certificate.
Consistent maintenance of standards: If an educational entity/ institution gets the accreditation from Nandanjyoti Accreditation Council, it is vital for the entity to efficiently follow the steps suggested by the Council on maintaining the standards. For any failure in this segment, the Council has every right to revoke the accreditation of the entity at any point of time.

Benefits for educational entities

Accreditation Certificate: The Accreditation Certificate will act as a booster to the credibility of an educational entity to all and sundry.
Peer-reviewed and evaluated reports: The accredited educational entity / institution will get the privilege to have Peer reviewed and evaluated reports which will be conducted by the professional and experienced individuals based on standards. The reports will enable the educational entity/ institution to observe the difference between their previous and current state of functioning and make them more productive. This will also enable them to boost their profile leading to better performance, rate of enrolment, and image.
Constant self-assessment: An educational entity / institution will get constant opportunity of conducting self-assessment enabling it for constant growth and improvement and thus can assure their students and faculty that the institute is improving itself on a constant pace and providing training following standards.
Award of course based certificate: The Syllabus of the Council is set for a seven year certificate Course in which certificates will be awarded to successful students on completion of 3rd year, 5th year and 7th year.

Nomenclature of certificates

Year Performing Arts Visual Arts
3rd year Nandan Brati Lalit Brati
5th year Nandan Kushali Lalit Kushali
7th year Nandan Ritwik Lalit Ritwik

Stage participation in Performing arts: Effective stage participation of rank holders (1st and 2nd) of 3rd, 5th and 7th years at a prominent auditorium, subject to conditions as specified by the Council will increase the morale of the students of the educational entity/institution.
Exhibition participation in visual art: Effective exhibition participation of rank holders (1st and 2nd) of 3rd, 5th and 7th years at a prominent gallery along with senior artists at the annual exhibition of INFAC, subject to conditions as specified by the Council will increase the morale of the students of the educational entity/institution.
Access to various programmes: The accredited educational entity / institution shall have access to exhibitions, seminars, workshops, programmes, competitions held by INFAC.
Interactive environment: The accreditation will provide students of an educational entity an enabling interactive environment and other ample facilities which will enhance their learning experience and intellectual capacity and expertise.
Use of Council’s Logo, etc.: The accredited educational entity / institution shall have the privilege to use the Council’s logo on its website, social media channels, letterheads, banners, backdrop, business cards, stationary as well as legal documents and in any kind of advertisement material with the inscription ‘Affiliated to Nandanjyoti Accreditation Council of Indian National Forum of Art and Culture’. Utilising and reflecting the symbol and logo of the INFAC’s Nandanjyoti Accreditation Council can provide entities with an opportunity to observe and justify the productive association between them and the accreditation body.
Display in INFAC Website: The name of accredited educational entity / institution shall appear in INFAC website.
Miscellaneous benefits: Things that will play role in turning accredited educational entity / institution into a standard entity will always be entertained. A long term association between Accreditation Council and the educational entity/institution can lead to a constant process of improvement which can be observed by other institutions as well.

Accreditation and Affiliation Fee Plans

  • Registration Fee Rs 500/- (Rupees Five Hundred ) only one time.
  • Accreditation and Affiliation Fee Rs .3,000/- (Rupees Three Thousand)only.

N.B. Accreditation and Affiliation Rules (including the fee plans ) may be revised, amended and altered at the discretion of the management of INFAC.