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Art and culture nowadays has been so much so deformed and disfigured that it has resulted in the loss of sublimity, charms and excellence reducing it to a standard that has almost succeeded in instilling within a person a state of utter restlessness leading to chaos, confusion and disintegration in family and social texture. Indian National Forum of Art and Culture (INFAC) has come into existence to arrest this cancerous growth in social rhythms to restore balance in society.


With its global headquarter at Kolkata, it has been formed to promote and invigorate art and culture through Visual Arts (which includes painting, sculpting and photography), Performing Arts (which includes music, both vocal and instrumental, dance, film and drama, voice-over acts, recitation, etc.), Literature and other acts that will help promoting art and culture.


Since its inception, INFAC is solely engaged in multifarious activities in line with the objectives for which it has been formed. The Activities Report published every after five years and depicted separately in this site bears testimony to that.

Since 2016 INFAC, to cater to the needs of the academic world and research scholars in the streams of art, fine arts and social science, has been publishing India’s only Tri-lingual Multi-disciplinary Peer-Reviewed Journal Wisdom Speaks which has since been recognised by the University Grant Commission (UGC) and added to its CARE LIST. The journal is published once a year in October in English, Hindi and Bengali. A click at the sub-domain will furnish details of the journal.

INFAC’s Artists Directory intends to bring artists/artistes, covering both visual and performing arts, under one umbrella where they can communicate and interact with one another free from any intermediary for mutual advantage and benefit. The details as to the Directory can be viewed at the sub-domain

Social obligation:

In fulfilling its social obligations and with the aim of giving back to the society at least a part of what it owes to it, INFAC has undertaken three important ventures ,viz., (a) establishing a state-of-the-art multi-specialty hospital, (b) establishing an old age home, (c) establishing a shelter for destitute children, amongst others. The Mission has been explained at the sub-domain

Legal Status:

INFAC is an NGO registered under Sub clause (i) of clause (ac) of sub-section (1) of section 12A of the Income Tax Act, 1961. Visit: (INFAC) New 12A certificate AAATI5377CE20219_signed

Donation to INFAC above Rs 500/- will qualify for tax deduction under the Income Tax Act, 1961, up to the prescribed limit. Visit : INFAC New 80G certificate -AAATI5377CF20217_signed