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Infac Office Executives



The Hon’ble Mr. Justice P. N. Bhagwati(Chief Patron w.e.f. 2005-2017)

Former Chief Justice of India & former Member of the U. N. Human Rights Commission.



The Hon’ble Mr. Justice Altamas Kabir(Patron w.e.f. 2015-2017)

Former Chief Justice of India.



Sudarshan Kumar Birla(Patron w.e.f. 2015-2018)

Industrialist, educationist and philanthropist.



The Hon’ble Mr. Justice Shivraj V Patil

Former Judge, Supreme Court of India.



The Hon’ble Mr. Justice Chittotosh Mookerjee

Former Chief Justice of Bombay High Court.



Ram Kishore Choudhury(President w.e.f. 26th June 2007 to 16th April 2018)

A leading advocate and member of the International Bar Association , Supreme Court Bar Association, Bar Council of India and Indian Council of Arbitration, was the President of International Citizens Forum.


Niranjan Pradhan – President (w.e.f. April 24, 2018 to November 9, 2022)

A former Reader of Government College of Art and Craft, Kolkata, Mr.. Pradhan is now a freelance sculptor.He is connected with many social organisations in various capacities.He received Presidents Silver Pluck, AIFAC, New Delhi(1970) and many other awards.





Tapash Gan Choudhury – Chairman, Board of Trustees

A practicing Advocate of Calcutta High Court in the fields of Taxation, Constitution and Arbitration, Mr.Choudhury has a wide range of practice at all-India level. He is connected with many organizations as their legal advisor.For a long time he was associated with academic world. He was teaching law in a Calcutta University affiliated Law College and was the Adjunct Professor of Law at Vinod Gupta School of Management, IIT Kharagpur, West Bengal. He is the author of several legal treaties, each one of which has been globally acknowledged. Mr.Choudhury is connected as a social activist with many NGOs of national and international repute. He is the Founder of International Citizens Forum and Indian National Forum of Art and Culture.


Ajay Bhattacharya

Ajay Bhattacharya – President, INFAC (w.e.f. November 10, 2022)

A celebrated scholar and philosopher, Bhattacharya has written and edited a numbe of books on comparative religion, philosophy and mythology. He ha a number of CDs containg recitations and hymns from scriptures like the Veda, Tantra and Vedanta.



Dr. Nupur Ganguly – Vice-President, Performing Art (w.e.f. June 25, 2007) & Trustee

A Musicology and an Associate Professor of Vocal Music Department of Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata. Dr. Mrs Ganguly is a A-High artist of all India Radio, Kolkata. As an ardent cultural and social activist, she is associated with a number of cultural and social bodies in India in various capacities .
Dr. Mrs. Ganguly is the Vice-President(II) of Indian National Forum of Art and Culture, the honorary Principal of INFAC Academy and the standing Chairperson of the INFAC Examination Board and the body holding the All India Merit Test Contest in Performing Art. She is also the Editor of Wisdom Speaks, the Peer Reviewed Journal.

Debabrata Chakraborty

Debabrata Chakraborty – Vice-President, Visual Art (w.e.f. April 24, 2018)

An art critic of eminence, Mr. Chakraborty is a distinguished painter as well. He has to his credit a number of solo art exhibitions. Mr. Chakraborty is the permanent Vice-Chairman of the Organising Committee of the All India Exhibition of Art
organised by INFAC.



Radhabinodini Binti Banik – General Secretary cum Cultural Secretary

Radhabinodini is an eminent Chaitanya-researcher, writer, speaker and elocutionist. The books written by her, namely, Mahapravur Mahajiban Prasanga, Mahapravu o Dwadash Bigraher Aloukik Lila, Ananga Manjari Samputika, Ek Jugal Sadhikar Sadhan Katha, Srila Dhananjay Pandit Mahimamrita, and Saparshad Sriman Mahapravu Kathamrita and also her vocal album titled Gour Padabalir Pasara are very popular amongst the readers.



Abhijit Gangopadhyay – Joint Cultural Secretary

Mr. Ganguly is the Jt. Cultural Secretary of the Indian National Forum of Art and Culture.



Dr. S.K. Mukhuty – Trustee

A former Additional Director of Income Tax ,Kolkata, Dr. Mukhuty belonged to the Indian Revenue Service. He is the Vice- President Seva Bharat, Hyderabad; Habitat for Humanity India, Bangalore; member of Scottish Church College Governing Body; and connected with various socio-economic developments.



Sudhir Chandra Dutta – Treasurer & Trustee

A bank executive by occupation , Mr. Dutta is associated with many NGOS as a social activitist including the International Citizens Forum as its joint director.




Ashoke Ghose – Convener, Press & Publicity

Mr. Ghose is a young entrepreneur and has gained accumency in printing technology, photography, graphic arts photography, and, last but not the least, in computer graphics.
Mr. Ghose is assigned with the responsibility of the press and publicity affairs of the organization.